Monday, October 10, 2005

I'm checking in on my 30 Things While I'm 30 list:

1. Read 30 books -- So far, I've read 29 and I'm working on my 30th -- Proust's In Search of Lost Time.

2. Re-Learn Spanish -- Oh some days I really feel like I am getting it and other days not so much but I know this is an on-going opportunity.

3. Focus on Photography by participating in Photo Friday -- Keeping the focus. Check out my progress here.

4. Proactively celebrate other's birthdays -- Still doing this, an ongoing thing!

5. Knit down stash -- Working on some projects using up my stash. Unfortunately some new projects (gifts for others) have required additions to the stash.

6. Knit Rogue -- I'll start this in October.

7. Finish knitting Yarn Girls Sweater --This is done but I need to seam the sweater together. Still just needs to be seamed. I'm setting a separate goal for that task! I shall have this seamed by September 18th. I'm working steady toward this goal.DONE! DONE! DONE!

8. Learn to knit socks on 2 circular needles -- I need to knit up some socks and will try this on my next pair, maybe.

9. Run the Vancouver 1/2 marathon in 2:50 -- Didn't do this race! Training for an Olympic Tri instead. So I didn't do this BUT I am going to do the Seattle Half Marathon and I plan to do that one in 2:50 so I think I'll substitute that race for the Vancouver one.

10. Learn the butterfly stroke -- Looks like I need to get myself to a pool to learn this stroke!

11. Learn to Dive -- Gotta try this!

12. Do an Olympic Tri -- Ermmm, I trained for this but am not doing it now.

13. Recycle more -- I'm doing so good at this!

14. Complain less -- I'm becoming more and more positive. I'm quite positive now!

15. Use less, be more environmentally conscious -- This too!

16. Observe more -- I'm journaling and observing!

17. Gather those observations and get them in a book -- I'm planning on doing National Novel Writing Month in November.

18. Declutter! -- Stuff moved to storage unit, other stuff sorted for garage sale, part of closet decluttered -- now I just need to attack my room and get that decluttered. It is so much easier to amass items than get rid of items.

19. Take a photo a day -- Doing well with this even if I don't share them with everyone.

20. Respect the Ordinary -- This is an everyday goal and one I enjoy!

21. Appreciate what I have -- as is this one

22. Frame my Cat Poster -- I'm thinking I'll get this done in October/November.

23. Plan what I can, accept what I can't -- Oh I've embraced this! "You have to when
you work where I do! And I've been listening to the universe and going with what it tells me." -- as I said in my last update, I listened to the universe and it told me to find a new job!

24. Give dating a chance -- Yep, doing this. So far, so good but it is a lot of work!

25. Lose more weight -- Doing well on this one!

26. Use up beauty products (esp. soap!) before buying more -- Yep! This is going very well!

27. Appreciate my family more -- I love those people!

28. Do a "Carpe Diem" activity with Mot at least once a month -- I'm not sure what my Carpe Diem activity will be this month but lately I've been doing things that scare me and doing them have reaped some rewards for me.

29. Attempt Fair Isle knitting -- I learned this with the FERALS!

30. Eat healthier -- I love veggies! Or at least I tell myself that every single day!

So I have 10 goals left to accomplish and about 11 weeks to accomplish them. If I work on one goal minimum a week, I'll be able to say I did ALL of my 30 in 30!


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