Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Near October Check-In

I'm checking in on my 30 Things While I'm 30 list:

1. Read 30 books -- So far, I've read 26 and I'm working on my 27th -- Proust's In Search of Lost Time.

2. Re-Learn Spanish -- Oh some days I really feel like I am getting it and other days not so much but I know this is an on-going opportunity.

3. Focus on Photography by participating in Photo Friday -- Keeping the focus. Check out my progress here.

4. Proactively celebrate other's birthdays -- Still doing this, an ongoing thing!

5. Knit down stash -- Working on some projects using up my stash. Unfortunately some new projects (gifts for others) have required additions to the stash.

6. Knit Rogue -- I'll start this in October.

7. Finish knitting Yarn Girls Sweater --This is done but I need to seam the sweater together. Still just needs to be seamed. I'm setting a separate goal for that task! I shall have this seamed by September 18th. I'm working steady toward this goal.DONE! DONE! DONE!

8. Learn to knit socks on 2 circular needles -- I need to knit up some socks and will try this on my next pair, maybe.

9. Run the Vancouver 1/2 marathon in 2:50 -- Didn't do this race! Training for an Olympic Tri instead. So I didn't do this BUT I am going to do the Seattle Half Marathon and I plan to do that one in 2:50 so I think I'll substitute that race for the Vancouver one.

10. Learn the butterfly stroke -- Looks like I need to get myself to a pool to learn this stroke!

11. Learn to Dive -- Gotta try this!

12. Do an Olympic Tri -- Ermmm, I trained for this but am not doing it now.

13. Recycle more -- I'm doing so good at this!

14. Complain less -- I'm becoming more and more positive. I'm quite positive now!

15. Use less, be more environmentally conscious -- This too!

16. Observe more -- I'm journaling and observing!

17. Gather those observations and get them in a book -- I'm planning on doing National Novel Writing Month in November.

18. Declutter! -- Stuff moved to storage unit, other stuff sorted for garage sale, part of closet decluttered -- now I just need to attack my room and get that decluttered. It is so much easier to amass items than get rid of items.

19. Take a photo a day -- Doing well with this even if I don't share them with everyone.

20. Respect the Ordinary -- This is an everyday goal and one I enjoy!

21. Appreciate what I have -- as is this one

22. Frame my Cat Poster -- I'm thinking I'll get this done in October/November.

23. Plan what I can, accept what I can't -- Oh I've embraced this! "You have to when
you work where I do! And I've been listening to the universe and going with what it tells me." -- as I said in my last update, I listened to the universe and it told me to find a new job!

24. Give dating a chance -- Yep, doing this. So far, so good but it is a lot of work!

25. Lose more weight -- Doing well on this one!

26. Use up beauty products (esp. soap!) before buying more -- Yep! This is going very well!

27. Appreciate my family more -- I love those people!

28. Do a "Carpe Diem" activity with Mot at least once a month -- Last night I went to a book signing and while that in itself is not Carpe Diem, the part that was is that I made sure to speak to the author and discuss his book. We talked for a quite awhile and I'm glad I made the effort. Talking to strangers can be very rewarding.

29. Attempt Fair Isle knitting -- I learned this with the FERALS!

30. Eat healthier -- I love veggies! Or at least I tell myself that every single day!

So I have 13 goals left to accomplish and about 15 weeks to accomplish them. If I work on one goal minimum a week, I'll be able to say I did ALL of my 30 in 30!


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